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Our mango and avocado sealing hair butter makes the ultimate sealant. This luxurious whipped butter is high in mono and saturated fats, fatty acids, nutrients, vitamins A, B, C, E and biotin which helps to moisturize and encourage cell regeneration to promote healthy hair growth.

This lightly scented and non-greasy sealing butter penetrates and softens the hair strands while locking in moisture, which helps to  keep hair shiny and healthy.  Our butter also helps to restore broken and damaged hair, promotes elasticity and strengthens hair follicles and strands for healthy hair growth.

Rub into palms until butter melts then apply to hair working from ends to root
*A little goes a long way*


Hydrate, softens and restore hair’s vitality while replenishing lost moisture.


Lightly spray the hair lotion from end to root of hair. Can be used daily as a source of maintaining moisture and to braided hair.

Key Ingredients

Organic rosemary essential oil, organic spearmint essential oil, thyme botanical extract, chrysanthemum botanical extract, guava fruit extract, pimento oil

Customer Reviews

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Michelle Emmanuel

Hair is soft to touch with some shine.

Best moisturizer EVER

I love the moisturizing lotion. It gives my hair life and instant moisture. I apply it directly to my wet hair after conditioning,right in the shower with the steam I saturate my hair with it. My hair loves it. I then apply my butter after i get out of the shower and then use my brush with the best brush to distribute through all my strands and a little detangling and then style. My hair loves it and is luscious and bouncy until my next wash day. It works wonders!! Thank you Afrodisiac Hair this product is special!

Hair Elixir

I am so happy that I have decided to use this product! I haven't been doing well with taking care of my hair and I started to loose my edges....Now that I am using this product the growth has been  unreal! Thank-you!! 

Moisturizing Lotion

My daughter and I have extremely dry hair. I decided to give the sealing butter a try and OMG!!! I’m beyond HAPPY that I did!! Normally, I wet my daughters hair to make combing and styling easier but today I used the Sealing butter…our hair smells AMAZING, SOFT, Smooth, very moisturized and easy to comb. Another positive is I did NOT have to use a lot of the product which is Great. The customer service is EXCELLENT and shipping/pickup very fast. The GODMOTHER answers you directly and NOTHING automated. Positive vibes always & keeps me coming back. 
Thank you , GET YOURS before it’s SOLD OUT!!

Moisturizing Lotion

I had to write a transparent comment about this product no word of a lie.  My hair and my daughter’s is sooo soft now.  All I use is a moisturizing coconut  shampoo and conditioner from another line (I  wont mention) and just my 3 go to’s: 1. the Moisturizing  Lotion , 2. the Sealing Butter and 3. my Growth Elixir.  These products have literally saved me and my daughter’s relationship amongst each other and our hair.  My morning routine is sooo easy now and my daughter no longer dreads me washing or combing her hair.  Plus the growth can we talk about the growth.  AH you have truly changed my love hate relationship with my natural hair.  Sincerely thank-you.  I have been searching for a product line for the last 15 years that works with my C4 hair.  From the bottom of my heart thank you there’s no other product line I will use now. You truly are The Hair Godmother.  ♥️♥️♥️