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A moisturizing and strengthening system that delivers moisture, curl elongation, and definition to coils, leaving hair fortified and hydrated.

2 x Moisturizing Hair Lotion
1 x Sealing Butter 4oz



Hydrate, softens and restore hair’s vitality while replenishing lost moisture.


Lightly spray the hair lotion from end to root of hair. Can be used daily as a source of maintaining moisture and to braided hair.

Key Ingredients

Organic rosemary essential oil, organic spearmint essential oil, thyme botanical extract, chrysanthemum botanical extract, guava fruit extract, pimento oil

Customer Reviews

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Also incredible customer service, always willing to help and give great hair care advice


This product is amazing, I have been fighting with my natural hair for over 5 years now, let me tell you within 2 weeks of using this product you should see the "GROWTH". I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate you. May God continue to bless those creative and talented hands. I love ya. #imabeliever #hooked


My daughter and I have extremely dry hair. I decided to give the sealing butter a try and OMG!!! I’m beyond HAPPY that I did!! Normally, I wet my daughters hair to make combing and styling easier but today I used the Sealing butter…our hair smells AMAZING, SOFT, Smooth, very moisturized and easy to comb. Another positive is I did NOT have to use a lot of the product which is Great. The customer service is EXCELLENT and shipping/pickup very fast. The GODMOTHER answers you directly and NOTHING automated. Positive vibes always & keeps me coming back.
Thank you , GET YOURS before it’s SOLD OUT!!


I am so happy that I have decided to use this product! I haven't been doing well with taking care of my hair and I started to loose my edges....Now that I am using this product the growth has been unreal! Thank-you!!

Moisture Lotion

I was braiding my daughter’s hair for back to school and it has gotten so much longer and thicker!!! It took 3 and a half pack of braids to do her hair last night. Mind you, 2 of the packs were cut in half.

There was no crying, there was no itching of the scalp.

Her hair was moisturized but not oily so I could grip it and braid thats your handy work 🙌🏾

Mind you my fingers might be beefing with you for a while because more hair means longer braid time and I’m still a rookie braider but all in all. Love you, your products, your education about natural hair and oh, oh oh I don’t have to run behind her to tell her to spray her hair. Your Hair moisturizer spray bottles make it so much easier and she loves the cool minty feeling so win for me!

I know your hair elixir is going to make the hair grow out the braids faster but I’m okay with that. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing because the universe did not make any mistakes making you our #HairGodmother 🧚🏾‍♀️